THEY’RE FINISHED: Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi Are About to Be Ruined When What Just Happened Gets Out


Congress has not done anything much in a really long time, have they?  That’s just one aspect of the swamp Trump promised to drain…and it’s working.

A new poll just came out that indicates that a majority of Americans think that Congress is a failure so far.  That’s right, 68% of us are disgusted with our “representatives” in Washington, D.C.

And I hope they understand what that means.  Because they are only there because we sent them there.



I mean, just the other day, Senator McConnell actually whined that Trump had “excessive expectations” of Congress!  Are you really serious, Mitch?!  Do your dang job!

Watch Trump on Congress:

This is a majority Republican congress, yet even among only Republicans, 44% disapprove

of Congress right now. Another 44% approve. Not too good, GOP Congress.

59% of the respondents disapprove of the Democrats in Congress.

Listen, we need to help Trump drain the swamp.  And we can do it, with our votes.  There’s a big election in 2018 and we have the power to change our country, if we get out and VOTE!

If you intend to help Trump drain the swamp, comment #draintheswamp and SHARE to enlist help from everyone you know.


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  1. These fake Republicans are just like the fake news media.They are all working against our BEST President in many years! President Trump is really putting up with an all out assault on him. It is to be expected with the Democrats along with their far left-commie agenda,but what is so awful is these turncoat traitor Fake Republicans. They lie and sound great when they know the Bill won’t be signed by the President, When we have a good President who will sign the bill they lose their windy talk and jewels,pull up their dresses and run!!!!! Just sickening! VOTE THEM OUT PLEASE!!!!

  2. The people who voted for President Trump are being savaged by the left wing lunatics in the Democratic party and the FAKE NEWS. We are being labeled as racists and other derogatory named because the media is aiding and abetting these thugs that are hired and paid for by left wing groups. We will fight back starting the ballot box. What is the shame is that our Government is full of liars,cheaters, and most of all traitors. These people forgot what they were elected to do. We will drain the swamp or we become a Third World he’ll hole.


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