THEY’RE FINISHED: Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi Are About to Be Ruined When What Just Happened Gets Out

Congress has not done anything much in a really long time, have they?  That’s just one aspect of the swamp Trump promised to drain…and it’s working.

A new poll just came out that indicates that a majority of Americans think that Congress is a failure so far.  That’s right, 68% of us are disgusted with our “representatives” in Washington, D.C.

And I hope they understand what that means.  Because they are only there because we sent them there.


I mean, just the other day, Senator McConnell actually whined that Trump had “excessive expectations” of Congress!  Are you really serious, Mitch?!  Do your dang job!


Watch Trump on Congress:

This is a majority Republican congress, yet even among only Republicans, 44% disapprove

of Congress right now. Another 44% approve. Not too good, GOP Congress.

59% of the respondents disapprove of the Democrats in Congress.

Listen, we need to help Trump drain the swamp.  And we can do it, with our votes.  There’s a big election in 2018 and we have the power to change our country, if we get out and VOTE!

If you intend to help Trump drain the swamp, comment #draintheswamp and SHARE to enlist help from everyone you know.


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