DON’T SUPPORT THEM: These Three Companies Are Donating Millions to Take Down Trump


The “resistance” movement against Donald Trump may not have been very effective in the 2016 race, but they’re certainly persistent. Now we know why. They’re being funded by billionaires and multi-national mega corporations.

Large companies often try to hide such donations behind super PACS and bundlers. But thanks to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, we now know names.

The Center for Community Change Action, which is at the center of this reveal, is a proactive anti-Trump organization that seats its members on liberal activist boards and promotes direct action against Donald Trump.



The most notable donor to the Center for Community Change Action is the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The left-wing affiliate of the mega cereal brand gave a massive $3,000,000 to the organization.


Image Source: Ford

The Ford Foundation, which was formed by the founders of Ford Motor Company, donated a further $2,350,000.

Kellogg and Ford aren’t the only mega-donors to the Center for Community Change Action. The California Endowment donated $524,500, the National Immigration Law Center donated $316,000, the Marquerite Casey Foundation donated $515,000, and Fidelity Charitable Gift donated $505,100.

3. Of course, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave $1,750,000.

If YOU support Donald Trump, don’t support these companies — your dollars are directly funding organizations that are trying to destroy our president.

Will you boycott these companies? Say “yes” or “no” in the comments and SHARE.

People need to know what their dollars are being used for. Get this out there.

Mark is a recent grad from California State University, Long Beach. Despite several years of college indoctrination, he emerged as conservative as ever. He blames his dad -- who raised him right. Follow him on Twitter using the link below!


    • Yes I will! I have a used Ford truck have never bought or owned any new Ford vehicle or product! I haven’t bought a Kellogg’s product in more than 50 years and I only donate to needy people on a personal 1-1 basis so you can bet George Soros will never see any of my money!

      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS!
      President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! MAGA, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

    • Absolutely! The only one that would benefit from purchases by me would be Kellogg’s, but now, you can be sure than not a penny more of my hard earned money will go to them. And George Soros, who is a demented egomaniac, will eventually be dealt with by our Great God who will show him that he is not a god. I pray daily for that to happen and I urge every other Christian to do the same. I have faith that my God will not let me down!

  1. I was really looking forward to buying the Ford Bronco..I will not purchase it now.. I have already stopped buying Kelloggs..I am now scanning the whole box of cerial before purchase.. You know Kelloggs scum will try hide their logo in the small print at somepoint.. Told AARP to quit sending me their stuff.. And everytime I get a letter from them I send that amount to the NRA ..All I need is GOD GUNS and TRUMP

    • The democrats have to empeech Trump before, he exposes their Heinous crimes against the American Taxpayer!.?They are Terrified of loosing all of their “illegally attained possessions!”..Not to mention treasured status!..Drain the Swamp Mr.Presodent!..Lock’em all up!

  2. I am Donald Trump fan and voted for him. The Ford Foundation, while it is true the Ford family did start the Ford Foundation. As of 1974, the Ford Foundation sold all the stock that the Ford family gave them. There is ConneCtion between the Ford Foundation and the Ford family nor Ford Motor Company. They only have the name.

    • Donald Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
      Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton never had a clue!
      Donald Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
      Donald Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
      Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
      Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!
      Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever had! A safer, stronger more prosperous and greater than ever before AMERICA!

      • With everything the Democrats are throwing at him, the made up Russia thing, the N. Korea problems, ISIS, the horrible hurricanes and their destruction in 3 places and now California fires, it astounds me how he can handle it all. The Democrats are so evil when his plate is so full. He has to be special!

    • Kellogg was a health center back around 1900. They advocated healthy living with enemas as an integral part of purging harmful waste. Metaphorically speaking, maybe they can purge my size 13 1/2 shoe out of their Tuchus. That would be called “Cornholing the Flakes”.

    • Corn flakes are no good for your health, so I already stopped to eat them a long time ago!
      I also saw something about Tide? I would like to know if it is something to do with the detergent?
      I will look also for any product other products made from Kellogg’s.
      We have to target all the companies who try to hide they gave money to create this kind of uncivilized behaviour, etc.

      • I would like to add so many statements that would fill in a dictionary, but I am realistic to cut short in my statements as people know this incredible development day after day, but this is only the TIP of the ICEBERG!
        Today, the accepted norm for the left is:
        Religion doesn’t exist
        Right becomes wrong
        Freedom of speech is an utopia
        Law doesn’t exists
        Get rid of history and destroy anything that remind the people of the past
        Get a New World Order
        There is no such thing as a border
        There is no such thing as a city with documentation, etc.
        Light becomes darkness
        Worship the devil for more power?
        Create confusion everywhere
        Attack whatever needs to be eliminated
        Get the money from Soros and his acolytes to destroy the way of life in America
        Demonstrate to disturb the peace and create a revolution(that is the left objective’s

        I can go on and on, but we understand the reasons and the methods used to arrive a that end, which is to have the country Under Martial Law.
        So far, the public is starting to fight back in a special way, a smart way, which is confusing to the left as we are getting more and more real information about what is going on for a long time.
        Lots of people shall be in jail by nw, and I understand the real drain the swamp is just starting to take effect!

        • What are these sissy pukes gonna use against NRA…..Slingshots? The impending so called “civil war” is going 2 be an (uncivil) bloodbath for the stinking communist radicals. Illegals better run– BEFORE–it happens if they want 2 get back 2 Mexico, safely. They’re history, period!

  3. Glad my car was bought and paid for three years go and I only eat Raisin Bran and Honey Nut Cherrios. Now what to do about George?

  4. The Ford motor Company has always been ANTI American. Henry Ford was a known communist. Now the other two i wasn’t aware they were for destroying America as well. Kelloggs is about done for anyway. I don;t buy their garbage anymore. And as for George Soros he deserves to be shot. Americans better wake up to the fact that their freedom is about to be taken away from them.Unless they learn to stand up and fight for their own survival.

    • Just can’t catch a break; but hey, we make our own choices. Those residents knew for ages what those companies philosophy & politics entailed. They’ve been on a roller coaster for decades. “So goes General Motors, so goes the country” disappeared with the Hula-Hoop. Unions are disappearing or shedding the stinking dems. Trump & his eventual successor will be gaining those votes til “Chuck & Nancy” are 4 score & …..
      in the ground.

  5. As much as I love corn flakes never again. We’re a Chevy/Gmc family and Soros needs to be behind bars. Also Nike Budweiser and Starbucks no more. And there should be a return on campaign reform on money donations and how much is given and by who. There should a limit on how much is spent. No multi million dollar campaigns.

    • Should also be a geographic limitation on donations. Live in Alabama? Can’t donate to a Nevada candidate. Live in Clark county? Can’t donate to a Mary county candidate. Don’t live in the USA? Can’t donate to any non-charity in the USA. Base it on primary residence as given on tax return, so asshats like Soros can’t buy a house in every state to get around it…

  6. Ford! Need I say more? Kellogg is also out! I’ve stopped my charitable donations after I found out where my money was being used! I now only donate to direct beneficiary!

    • Today is difficult to really know who is for what and for whom as the actions coming from the bad apples seem to be withdrew from the public.
      I don’t believe the churches should be involvement in politic as well as companies in general as when we learn about the money they gave to the political parties like the DNC or any who support the bad apples should be boycotted, it be by not buying their products or making sure to list them for the public to make a personal decision not to buy from them.
      How can it possibly be real and stupid to kneel during the games of which the public came to enjoy, but instead, they face the attack that seems to be pointed towards the President. They didn’t understand the economic part of it even they collect ten of millions from their fans.
      When a fan has decided not to come back to watch a game, it is for real, and I know there is not return from that choice made as they can spend the money some place else!

      • “Pope” Francis is political. Look at his stance on immigration/borders and “climate change”. I donate a little to my church, but I checked with the Pastor and staff. All collection donations stay local unless otherwise specified.

  7. I have never owned a Ford. I haven’t bought Kellogg’s in about four years. Their stuff is overprocessed, chemical laden, GMO junk.

  8. I own 6 ford trucks and 1 van !!!
    All have electrical problems !!!
    Bye bye FORD !!!!
    Kellogg’s your soo easy to drop , your cereals get too soggy!!!!
    Soros !!! Why are you here !!!!!

    • Fords have had electrical problems for at least 5 decades. My neighbors in 1973 had a mustang & a T-bird; I was forever jumping BOTH of those cars. Must have been divine intervention that a Mobil station was across the street. What the owner made off these 2, he could have retired to FL…..oh wait, we WERE in FL; at least we weren’t freezing our tuchus off.

  9. I suppot Our President all the way. The boycott is on, No Ford, Kellogg’s, and as for Soros don’t forget Obama is his puppet. And they are up to no good.they will do anything to get rid of Trump.

  10. We don’t want to be associated with George Soros, Barack Obama and the rest of the dirt. Our country is much more represented by President Trump than any of these evil people who want to destroy America. We don’t need FORD KELLOGG OR AARP IN OUR COUNTRY. GO AWAY AND TAKE THE LIBERALS WITH YOU.

  11. i will boycott these anti american companies ford cars have been junk for years and kellogs company is anti american

  12. I was looking forward to replacing my Mercedes with the new Continental. Ain’t happening. Also, I have cereal every morning for breakfast. No more Kellogg’s.

  13. I was all ways a big Ford Fan, I drove Ford, for many many years,… more Ford,
    I will switch to Chevy or Toyota…….Ford go to Hell….take Soros with you…..

  14. Yes, I was going to purchase a 2018 Ford truck, decision cancelled!! No more Kellogg’s in my home either! I will also do my research on any other traitor company’s that don’t support American and our President. And, Mr. Sor-ass needs investigated and jailed or deported. But he has big money covering his butt!!

  15. kellog’s cereals are poison anyways. Ford’s are the worst vehicles on the road. george Soros is an un-indicted criminal. I will never support any of these or any others of their ilk.

  16. These companies only respond by lost profits it is their coffers we have to start draining. I have called up a lot of companies and have let them know not only I will not buy their products but my family and friends then you have their family and friends so it does go full circle. Through loss of revenue they will have to come to terms about what is actually in play in America and what Americans want to see changed and if they want to get in the front lines and play they better be aware that Americans are mostly patriots and will not tolerate companies that support antifa or BLM movements that have caused a great deal of unrest and discord to our nation. Like it was said before Trump got elected get on board now or the train will leave the station with out you.

  17. I only ever owned one Ford in my life, a Ranger, great truck because it was a Mazda. Yes Canadians boycott al of them, I don’t eat cereal and don’t know why that Criminal Soros is still on the loose.

  18. I have been an American Patriot for almost 70 years – the first President I voted for was Eisenhower. It is such a great tragedy that we have a communist Russian puppet in the White House now – Putin now runs two countries and soon will have the USA get rid of N. Korea and withdraw support of Europe (so Russia can move west) and re-agitate Iran. I see no chance to MAGA with the crowd of “swamp fillers” we have now.

  19. We’ve had a very dependable Ford Ranger that hasn’t given us a bit of grief. It is a 2000 model. Still going strong, and we were planning on buying another (and keeping that one). Not now. No more Ford Family, us.

  20. Well Lets See , Kellogg’s You Are Not The Only Cereal Vompany Out There So You Just Cut Your Own Throat , And They Used The Right Picture On This Post For You Corn”FLAKE’S” , The We Have FORD , Well I Never Have Or Will I Ever Own A Ford Even If You Gave Me One , You See You Have Circled The Problem On Both Ends Of Your Cars / Trucks And You Are Not The Only Automobile Company Out There , Then We Have George Soros A Dried Up Old Prune The Thinks He Is Important , Rake Away His Money And Whats He Got , Nothing Because He Is Nothing Maybe What Ever Country He Lives In Should Start Checking His Tax’s Too See How Much He Owe’s In Back Tax’s Then Maybe He Wouldn’t Have So Much Money , HEY SOROS GET A REAL LIFE OK.

  21. I have no time for these unamerican people that do not support our wonderful country. Trump is a smart man and he will catch up with you and you will be sorry. I would not buy any Ford products or Kelloggs either.

  22. Was just going to purchase a Ford Explorer Platinum to replace my Limited Explorer and now I will never buy another Ford product as long as I live.

  23. I have always been a Ford fan, but no more! I will buy a new Honda my next buy, unless Ford grows a brain and some Patriotism soon! Piss on all companies that are Trump Haters! I quit Kelloggs years ago because of the GMO products!

  24. YES I will boycott Kellogg’s, Ford, and any company that George Soros has any connection with.
    I’m sure Ford is after him because he called them out for opening a large new factory in Mexico, and I’m glad he did call their hand.

  25. Anyone remember when Soros admitted that one of his dreams was to destroy America as we know it?….he loves being the puppet master, and pays handsomely to attach the strings, too bad his sons will follow in his footsteps to complete Daddy’s sick dream

  26. Sent emails to Ford and Kelloggs reminding them the people they are supporting don’t drive Fords or eat Corn Flakes and their customers are the Trumpers that want to MAGA

  27. I have a 2001 F-350 with a powerstroke diesel engine and a 2011 GMC Terrain. No more ford’s, no more Kelloggs, and no more NFL. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  28. When they attack our president, they attack our country and our people! It’s all an effort to bring down the greatest bastion of democracy in history – The United States of America! The liberal globalists want one thing – to be in control of the global economy, and that means TAKE DOWN FREEDOM AND CAPITALISM! I certainly BOYCOTT anyone and any company that attacks our president!! He is fighting for us!!

  29. It now seems that I have to start fresh in my research new car buys. I’ve been driving Fords for over 60 years, and it’s saddens me to learn about their current actions. But my Country’s welfare overrides my choice in rides, so I will be looking at other makes. It’s interesting to note that many “foreign” makes are actually more American-made than most of the “Big Three” in terms of their contents’ sources as well as their actual point of manufacturing. They may have been formally been foreign companies, but many are now designed and built in the USA, using American made components, and assembles by American labor. So Ford, adios, ciao, auf Wiedersehen, and sayonara.


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